Ep. 100 - Kade Ruotolo's Rolling Cut Back - 2021 ADCC Trials

No Gi - All, No Gi - Single Leg Defense, No Gi - Single Leg Offense, No Gi - Upper Body Takedowns

2021 ADCC East Coast Trials - Kade Ruotolo vs PJ Barch. PJ has a seatbelt locked in across Kade's hips and Kade attempts a few whizzer kicks (uchi mata). Once PJ builds back up from the second whizzer kick, Kade smoothly transitions to a rolling cut back to score two points and earn the W. Michael shows the similarities and differences between this rolling cut back and standard cut back he broke down in episode 90. Lastly, he shows how Kade's "rhythm" made the set up and execution that much easier.