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The Merge

The Merge is the wrestling guide for jiu jitsu. This online series is hosted by Michael Trasso, a nationally ranked collegiate wrestler and world-class jiu jitsu black belt. Wrestling is an essential skill that requires crucial adjustments when applied in jiu jitsu. Episodes will be tailored for practitioners looking to efficiently utilize wrestling techniques in jiu jitsu and blend both arts. This provides students the luxury to learn how to defend their opponents' takedowns, execute their own, and safely bring the fight to the ground. Whether you’re new to jiu jitsu, a jiu jitsu ace, or a wrestler training in jiu jitsu, The Merge is for you! Subscribe now for free!

About Michael

Michael’s journey on the mats began in 1995, training Jiu Jitsu at just five years old. Throughout the next decade, he picked up wrestling and would become one of the world’s most accomplished adolescent Jiu Jitsu competitors. In 2008, Michael was recruited to wrestle for Rhode Island College. In 2011, Michael was nationally ranked #9 and in 2012, attained his 100th collegiate victory. In 2016, Michael began training in San Diego where he received some of his most notable awards in adult Jiu Jitsu competition to include earning his spot on FloGrappling’s “Top 20 No Gi Adult Black Belt Middleweights in the World” ranking in 2018 and 2019.

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Proven Mastery + Integrated Instruction

The Difference

Young Michael with Instructors

Lifelong Expertise

Michael has over 20 years of experience training in Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling. His hybrid style offers a complete arsenal ensuring student’s education from takedowns to ground fighting.

Referee holding up Michael's hand as winner

Battle-Tested Performances

Michael has over 500 matches in competition with various associations and rulesets such as IBJJF, F2W, NCAA, ADCC, UAEJJF, Arnold Classic, GQ, and NAGA. College wrestling alone, he logged 229 takedowns.

Michal with group class

Inspirational Instruction

Michael has coached teams and instructed group classes and private lessons of all ages and ranks.