Ep. 26 Subscriber Q&A

No Gi - All

Subscribers asked their questions and Michael answered!⁣

Question 1 - 0:25 - “How would I counter a deep double leg takedown once my opponent reaches the hips?” - Joshua from Hattiesburg, Mississippi ⁣

Question 2 - 3:29 - “Can I see how you do the inside trip to defend the Russian tie?” - Darion from Anne Arundel County, Maryland⁣

Question 3 - 4:54 - “When setting up a takedown either single leg or double leg, how to you avoid or maintain proper distance from your opponent so you don’t get guillotined or front headlocked?” - Dominick from Cleveland, Ohio⁣

Question 4 - 4:54 - “Can you do a video on shooting for double leg or single leg to avoid the guillotine?” - Ben from Grand Rapids, Michigan⁣

Question 5 - 9:19 - “How can you re-establish an offensive position when you put in a whizzer and you’re hip to hip?” - Steph from San Diego, California⁣

Question 6 - 13:04 - “Even when I feel like I get a good setup on a shot, I get sprawled on, mostly against bigger & stronger opponents and then I have trouble recovering and end up in a front headlock or turtling. What are some tips?” - Andrew from Providence, Rhode Island⁣

Question 7 - 16:56 - “How do you effectively use the granby roll in Jiu Jitsu?” - Hunter from Flushing, New York⁣

20:14 - The three subscribers that won the free FUJI Sports t-shirt giveaway are:⁣

1. Tommy Brown - Norman, Oklahoma ⁣
2. Jae Chung - Omaha, Nebraska ⁣
3. Richard Torres - New York, New York⁣

All three of you will receive an email from Michael and FUJI Sports soon for next steps! Congratulations!⁣