Ep. 40 - Mayssa Bastos' "Wrestling Up" Defense

Gi - All, Gi - Jiu Jitsu, Gi - Single Leg Defense

"Wrestling up" in Jiu Jitsu is when the fighter in the bottom position (on their back, butt, knees, or side) uses specific takedown mechanics to either escape bottom and recover or reverse the position and get on top.

At the EUG Promotions Inaugural Event this past April, Mayssa passes Jessa's guard and lands in north south. Jessa immediately latches on to Mayssa's leg and starts to belly down and wrestle up. This can be a major issue for the fighter on top especially if the bottom fighter has strong wrestling skills.

Michael breaks down how Mayssa defends and counters this and also demonstrates a similar Jiu Jitsu drill that students can practice. Lastly, Michael shows two other possible outcomes and solutions depending on how your opponent reacts.