Ep. 45 - Maggie Grindatti Double Leg Kosoto Gake (Leg Hook) Variation

No Gi - Double Leg Offense, No Gi - Foot Sweeps & Trips, No Gi - Jiu Jitsu

Michael breaks down Maggie's seamless double leg takedown from the 2021 IBJFF No Gi Pan Ams. Michael highlights the outer leg hook (kosoto gake) that she uses to finish the takedown and transition right into side control. He also explains when it is appropriate to use the kosoto gake finish and why it puts you in an advantageous spot to pass the guard quickly.

*FYI - Kosoto Gake means "minor outer hook" in Judo. The title reads "(Leg Hook)" as this is easier for our viewers to understand and recognize immediately.